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TAXAN Mexico S.A.

Since 1968, Kaga Electronics, an independent general trading company (sogo shosha) of electronics, has expanded its range of operations in line with customer needs that have constantly shifted over the years. We currently meet the demands of our customers in four key business areas: electronic parts and semiconductor business, EDMS business, information equipment business, and new businesses. In each of these areas, we offer solid solutions at various stages from planning to sales.

Through our production factories located in Asia and Europe, we have built a system that allows us to produce products in regions that best suit our customers. In addition to the design and development of products, we have developed a total support system that is geared to flexibly accommodate high-mix low-volume production and everything from semi-completed to finished products. We are also able to propose optimum alternatives that are sourced from our suppliers in the US, Europe, and Asia.
From the Europe to Asia, we have a network of over 50 companies worldwide.

We have 13 factories of 100% stockholders' KAGA ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. or cooperate company in China republic area such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Suzhou. Thailand, Malaysia and 2 in Europe.
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